6 Easy Steps to
Plan your Yachting

Step 1: Pick your group

Be it a family vacation, or a group of friends, your Top Yacht Charter Broker
will make sure you find a yacht that best suits your charter group needs.

Step 2: Pick your destination

There are certain areas around the world that are Top Yacht Charter
Destinations. Visit our Yacht Charter Destinationspage to view all
the amazing and most popular destinations that are available.

Step 3: Have a budget in
mind for your trip

Rates listed on each yacht are based on a full week holiday (7 nights/8 days) .
View our different types of charters and cost involved to determine your budget
for your charter.

Step 4: Finding THE perfect yacht!

What are the most important requirements for your charter? Equal sized
staterooms to divide up the cost equally between you and your friends? We
are an active “on the go” type of a group. We really just want to unwind and
relax etc. All of these factors truly make up your ideal yacht. Who knows how
to assist you best but your Top Yacht Broker to connect the right boat, crew,
budget and itinerary together for you.

To get personal service contact us so we can assist you further.

Step 5: Reserve your
favorite Top Yacht!

Once you have selected your “Top Yacht”, your preferred Charter Broker will
assist you with the necessary documents to reserve your yacht and assist you
in planning your Luxury Yacht Vacation!

Step 6: Pack your bags and let’s GO!

The question to ask yourself, “how many bathing suits do I really need?” Over
packing for vacations is so easy to do. Space can be limited on a yacht
charter, so please keep the luggage as little as possible. Duffle bags are

ENJOY your Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation!