Planning A Successful Yacht Party- What to do

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When you’re planning for a private yacht party, you want everything to go according to plan and for everyone to have a good time. The sad truth is, you may still fall short of the perfect party just because you missed some things or simply, didn’t know what to do. However, we’re here to help you out. Having a successful yacht party isn’t as easy as it looks but you can achieve it if you plan and work efficiently. You may already know about the necessities but let’s talk about six things that you need to take care of. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

  1. Don’t just settle on the first yacht you see

Be patient and make the right choice! A common mistake people tend to make is to choose the first yacht they see. That is somewhat understandable because most yachts are generally beautiful and may seem like the perfect one for you. At Top Yacht Charters, your preferred Broker can assist you in selecting the best “commercially licensed” yacht for your event that fits within your budget.

  1. Know what you can and can’t do

Having an event on a yacht is not like having an event on land. There are rules and regulations called Maritime Law that need to be followed. It would be a massive downer if you plan an activity and find out at the night of the party that it’s prohibited. This is why you need to know the restrictions beforehand so that you can plan accordingly. Working with an experienced Broker can save you and your party.

  1. Don’t be too lenient with your guests

Depending on the boat you selected, there are only a certain number of guests allowed. Make sure to organize the guest list at least two months before the event and ask your guests to confirm whether they are in, or not. This is so you can fill their place if they can’t make it. The guest list on a yacht event is not as lenient as it would be on land. Having guests over the limit can cause quite a problem.

  1. Planning food and service stations

Though it is necessary that you only get as much food as you need so as not to waste, you should still care about having a delicious cuisine. Most yachts that can accommodate private events on board have the best menu, skill set and knowledge of what works best for the event. Working with the crew will help you be more successful with your event than you could imagine. Consider it more hired help to plan your event.

  1. Don’t forget about awesome music

A yacht may not come equipped with excellent music on its own, so you need to handle this part yourself. Choose an excellent soundtrack that allows people to let loose and have a great time. Make sure you put it together before and not just wing it at the party. It’s always better to be prepared. Some events like to hire a band. Again, working with your crew on board will help you in understanding the where is the best place for the band to perform from and the size of the space. You may not want a 5 piece band when only 2 performers fit in the set staging area.

  1. Be prepared for emergency situations

Lastly, people tend to prepare for the “perfect” party and do not consider weather. You should have a plan B if it should be raining or super windy. Consider combining time on the water with time on the dock as well. This also may help with some attendees who cannot stay for the entire event. Sit down and think of a list of possible things that could go wrong and then prepare for their solutions.

Have a great party!

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