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I have to admit, I love the water! So, I am happy to be in a canoe, paddle board, water taxi, ski boat, yacht or a cruise ship. And any and all is great in my book. However, being crew for almost 9 years and then taking a short cruise on a cruise ship (not the most expensive cruise line out there), I of course found myself comparing the two and here is what I came up with:

Here are MY Top 5 countdown reasons to book a yacht charter over a cruise ship.

  1. NO PRIVACY- It seemed everywhere we went, it was crowded. It dawned on me that I am sharing my vacation with 1,5000+ other strangers. Thank goodness we upgraded to get the larger room with a balcony! But, our room was small and dark. The balcony was no bigger than the size of a large moving box. I felt like I had no where to go to escape crowds or crowded places.
  2. CLEANLINESS- To eat on board was a challenge for me. By the time I reached the buffet line for breakfast or lunch, it was not appetizing, to say the least. I questioned the people who say “they go on a cruise for the food”. I’m not a big buffet person, so maybe this was a non-starter for me in the very beginning…
  3. AMENITIES- OK, so they have a swimming pool, slides etc. It was super hot so we thought we would go for a swim in the pool to cool off. I think the cruise ship had a competition to see “how many people can fit in a small pool”. Needless to say, we never went in the pool, and sat on the upper deck in the very back of the boat and fried. Other amenities the cruise ship offered; Comedy Show (booked every night). Disco (too many kids), and a Casino, which was about all we were able to do…
  4. EXCURSIONS- We went to some great places; Jamaica and Grand Cayman’s. For our “off board excursions” they were all full.  Swim with the sting-rays’? Not a chance. We headed back to the boat and literally did ZERO site seeing. Then, we see 5 other cruise ships in the same port as us. No wonder it was so crowded!
  5. COST- What value do you put on your vacation? This cruise cost us $3,500 after all was said and done. That’s not cheap at all for a vacation that was Sunday thru Thursday, not even a full week!


With a yacht charter, you have your own deck space, inside and out, to chill with you and your friends or family ONLY; no strangers! You pick and choose what spots you want to anchor out in, where and when you want to go site seeing, jump in the water at any time to cool off, snorkel, paddle board, scuba dive whenever you feel like it and have great food prepared for you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have someone clean up after you as well. You can do all of this and pay the same price for a full week (Saturday to Saturday, Monday to Monday whatever fits your schedule.  I literally can go on and on… But, in my opinion, there is absolutely no comparison!

So, if anyone asks me if a cruise is better because they have so much to offer on board, I simply say “it really depends on what kind of vacation is “ideal” for you!

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