Frederick Sound

Frederick Sound

Visit the heart of the “Whale Country” in Frederick Sound. This is the world-famous and possibly THE best place in the world to watch whales and possibly to see bubble-net feeding. Humpbacks, Orcas, and Dall porpoise are all active residents of this special spot. A must-see by tender for spectacular photo opportunities. In the midst of Frederick Sound lie the Brothers Islands — picture-perfect uninhabited islands full of wildlife, and home to a massive colony of Sea Lions!

Frederick Sound Alaska Yacht Charter Vacation

Separating Kupreanof Island to the south from Admiralty Island in the north you will find the unique marine attraction of Frederick Sound. Also referred to as Prince Frederick Sound or Prince Frederick’s Sound, this pristine location is home to one of Alaska’s most wonderful attractions.

Unique Frederick Sound Adventure by Sea

The glacier-fed waters of Frederick Sound, surrounded by majestic snowcapped mountains of the Coast Range, offer the perfect location for humpback whales. Abundant with krill and herring, the waters of Frederick Sound offer a premier location to observe humpback whales as they partake in the region’s nutrient-rich waters.

Other marine life also thrives here including orcas, sea lions, porpoise, and harbor seals. Seabirds of virtually every variety also venture to this spot, flocking to enjoy the whale’s leftovers.

All-Inclusive Frederick Sound Vacation

Imagine setting sail to one of the top whale watching locations. You board your private yacht with your intimate group of close friends or family. Settling into your private cabin you relax on your comfortable bed. You snack on scrumptious delights just before settling down for a fabulous meal of local cuisine cooked to perfection.

Chartering Your Private Frederick Sound Yacht 

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