Different types of charters offered

“Plus-Expenses” Charters

The weekly Charter Fee quoted for a motor yacht includes the boat, the crew, and any tender and toys on board. “Plus Expenses” entails collecting up front an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). The APA is a spending account for the Captain and crew to purchase provisions, fuel, dockage, food, beverages, bar, and other consumables on the charterer’s behalf based off of the Preference Sheets you and your charter group have personally requested. The APA is used purely for your provisions and charter-related expenses only. Please consult with your Top Yacht Charter Broker about the APA and amounts collected for your preferred yacht.

“All-Inclusive” Charters

If your “Top Yacht” charters for a weekly rate and has “All-Inclusive” noted with the charter rate, this means all of these items are included with the rate; the services of Crew members, all meals such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks all prepared to the client’s preferences. It also includes water, beverages, and ship’s standard bar.

"Half-Board" Charters

If you and your charter group prefer to enjoy some lunches and dinners ashore during your week vacation, please ask your Top Yacht Charter Broker if this is of interest to your group and they will present yacht options that will honor this type of charter.

"Captain Only" Charters

These are available only on sailing Catamaran’s and Mono-hull Sailing yachts. They are typically a “plus expenses” charter as well. Please let your Top Yacht Charter Broker if a “Captained Only” charter is of interest to you and your charter group.

General Information to know:

Scuba Diving is not offered on all yachts. If the yacht does offer Scuba on board (for Certified Divers only), each yacht may charge separate fees for this to be collected at the end of your charter. Please let your Top Yacht Charter Broker know if scuba is of interest to you and your charter group.


Cruising Taxes and Permits are not included on all yachts. Please ask your Top Yacht Charter Broker if this will be an added expense on your charter.


Crew Gratuity is standard in our industry and is normally 15{b968e58b929feb11e71a6481e1f07b1187f193c7b0ae59734ef8f7b0d8639b81} of the Charter Fee. This is completely at the Charterer’s discretion and paid at the end of the charter.

Please know there are High and Low Seasons charged on all yachts, Vat’s and Taxes that may apply according to your destination, and Delivery Fees may apply due to the Base port of the yacht. Please contact your Top Yacht Charter Broker for all “additional” fees that may be involved with your specific yacht charter vacation.