Mediterranean - Western

Classic European Flare!

Côte d’Azur aka the French Riviera

This 60 mile stretch of coastline from Monaco along the French Riviera to Saint-Tropez is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world.

Cannes, Cap Ferrat, Nice, Antibes, Monte-Carlo are a place to see, and to be seen. Movie stars, royalty, billionaires all come together to enjoy this non-stop parade of decadence.

During the day you can explore ancient villages of one of the most revered places on earth and at night hang out in the hottest nightclubs to dance the night away. Come during Formula 1 race weekend and experience the greatest Grand Prix in the best seats in the bay.

The Riviera is a place of no compromises - amazing boutiques and open markets, and lined with cafes and bars and restaurants that offer superb food and fine wines.  Beautiful blue water, white sand beaches, and amazing architecture, the views are breathtaking and the fun never stops.

Amalfi Coast

A beautiful coastline stretching from the southern coast of the Salerno Gulf in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  The Amalfi Coast is a popular and romantic tourist destination for the region and Italy as a whole. Due to the narrow and winding cliff-side roads, a yacht charter is the ideal way to take in the Italian Amalfi Coast.

Most charters will start, and sometimes, end out of Naples. Once on board, the yacht will immediately head South along the coastline and visit beautiful remote islands. These very small islands have the most charming landscapes. Endless white sandy beaches, caves, unspoiled landscapes, spectacular cliffs, is just a small description of what there is to see in this part of the world.

Smell something else in that coastal breeze? Lemons? This is the home of the famous “limoncello liqueur” that is produced from this Southern region.

Tour Pompeii, where Mt. Vesuvius buried this ancient Roman city in 79 AD. Archeologist have excavated this area and found it was all preserved from the volcano. Other “must-see” places in the Amalfi Coast; Ischia, Capri, Postiano, Procida, Ponza, and Sorrento.

Aeolian Islands , aka Lipari Islands

Cruise overnight along the coast of Italy towards Sicily. There you'll find the Aeolian Islands.

Cruise past the Stromboli active volcano, explore secluded anchorages of the surrounding islands, as well as the mud ponds and bubbling hot springs on Vulcano.

Set sail through Strait of Messina with the toe of Italy on the East and Sicily on the West of you. Visit Taormina, the Monte Carlo of Sicily for a evening of indulgence. From here you can take an inland tour of Mount Etna, possibly a helicopter ride over the world’s largest volcano if you're feeling especially adventurous.


What a better way to indulge in the French and Italian heritage together on 2 beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea, than your with your own yacht and crew?

Between France and Italy lies Corsica and Sardinia. Corsica is a French Territory, yet resembles Tuscany as its hillsides are covered with wildflowers, cobbled streets, and clear blue water. Giving the area a truly surreal view that would make any postcard jealous.

Most yacht charters start in Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napolean Bonaparte. While in Corsica and on a yacht charter a huge “MUST” to visit is Bonafacio. The town and marina in Bonafacio is beautiful with the hustle and bustle of bars, restaurants and cafés. To be on a yacht and experience the entrance into the Bonafacio marina is unforgettable. Other places to see in Corsica are Calvi, St. Florent, Girolata, Gulf of Valinco, and  Cappiciolo


Directly South of Corsica lies an Italian Territorial Island called Sardinia. Between Corsica and Sardinia are the Maddalena Islands.

Here you feel as if you are on a charter in the rugged Caribbean and stepped out of the Mediterranean Sea for a moment. The beautiful beaches and sky-blue water are breathtaking and relaxing. These tranquil islands will have you fully rested up for a night in Porto Cervo, the main center of Costa Smeralda. Named for one of the most expensive resorts in the world.

This is a “see and be seen” yacht destination and a billionaire’s playground. Other places to see are Portisco, Cala di Volpe, Porto Rotondo, Cagliari.

Spain and the Balaeric Islands

To charter in Spain results in a combination of glamour, exciting nightlife, stunning beaches and quiet anchorages.

Palma, the Capital of Mallorca, is filled with medieval streets, cathedrals, and trendy shops. Everyone knows, Ibiza is all about the nightlife.

Away from the hustle and bustle of nightlife, you find quaint villages with a quiet lifestyle that is centuries old.

Formentera and Isla Espalmador are famous attractions for the best beaches and are only 11 miles from South-eastern coast of Ibiza that can only be reached by boat. It is known for its pristine beaches, which are said to be the best in this region. The most popular among them is the Playa de Illetes.

Check out another famous attraction in Isla Espalmador. Right at the heart of this tranquil island is the place where you can enjoy a relaxing and soothing mud bath that is world famous.


For the history buffs amoung us check out Menorca, which is said to have more beaches than all of the Balaeric Islands combined also has prehistoric wall drawings which hints to the Bronze age settlements.

Many of the best anchorages are in fjord-like calas—deep slashes into the islands framed by formidable cliffs that are often only accessible by water.