Caribbean - Virgin Islands (USVI + BVI)

As Kenny Chesney says "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!"

Jost Van Dyke

Located in pristine White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, The Soggy Dollar Bar is known for inventing the "Painkiller", and has become a landmark BVI destination - who can resist the perfect beach, and one of the greatest beach bars?

There is no pier or dinghy dock on White Bay.  No need to worry about your money getting wet, as their name implies, they are used to "soggy" bills - in fact there's a clothes line for drying them out!

Virgin Gorda

Head to the Baths at Virgin Gorda. This collection of oddly situated boulders along the water’s edge is viewed in every photo collage of the B.V.I.'s.

A trail leads between the boulders to a bar and restaurant with an incredible bird’s-eye view of the Baths. The two great spots to tie up are the Yacht club Costa Smeralda and Biras creek resort

North Sound

The North Sound is a boater's dream from it’s well protected waters. This is a huge area offering numerous resorts, restaurants, shops and water sports. This beautiful bay is surrounded by several islands including, Mosquito, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock, Eustatia, and Necker Island.

Bitter End Yacht Club - Bitter End is a "nautical village" with 85 shore side accommodations, three restaurants and a large array of activities. Reachable only by sea, the resort stretches along a mile of beach and waterfront on the North Sound -- the most protected and secluded deep water harbor in the Caribbean.


15 miles North from the North Sound is Anegada. For most yacht go-ers, this is their favorite island.

It is known for miles of white sand beaches and an 18 mile in length Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier Coral Reef in the Caribbean, and the 4 largest on Earth. Due to the reef, it requires an experienced Captain to navigate through the waters to get you to the island, which makes it difficult for most people to visit. But good news, we got you covered.

Anegada means “flooded land” and when you see it, you understand why as its highest point is only about 28 feet. Where all of the islands are mountainous in the BVI’s from volcanos, Anegada is super flat from coral and limestone.

It is known for its lobster, flamingos and iguana’s. Eat at the Anegada Beach Club for an amazing lobster lunch!

Norman Island and the Indians

An uninhabited island, minus the roaming goats. Here there is amazing snorkel areas at both the Indians and the Caves at Treasure Point.

Tie up to a mooring at The Bight and tender to the famous William Thornton, an often wild-floating bar and restaurant that is affectionately known as the “Willy T”.