New England

The Birthplace of America!

Newport, Rhode Island - A Gateway to New England

Newport, RI is a special place for the yachting community. It offers a large number of marina's and has great provisioning options guaranteed to make your experience even that much more special. A perfect place to kickoff your quaint, historical New England charter.Before we cast off be sure to get to know the town proper. Newport is a beautiful city and what better way to get to know it then renting a bike or taking a tour of the scenic coastline through Ocean Drive. Full of 19th century mansions that used to be the summer homes of New York’s finest it's a master class for anyone looking to get to know the roots of the area.As for dinner? Castle Hill Hotel and Restaurant. That's all we have to say about that.Walk it off on The Cliff Walk. A nice 3 mile path along a rocky coast that provides a beautiful view of the mansions on Bellevue.

Martha's Vineyard

Wine lover? Us too.Martha’s Vineyard, located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts’s, is another must-see destination for your New England yacht charter.The island is only accessible by boats or planes - lucky you. The land itself is approximately 100 square miles and has a year-round population of approximately 16,000. However, during the summer months, the season kicks into over drive and can be as high as   100,000. So it's really up to you if you're a party animal or looking for an elegant affair.No matter what though there's always something to do. Site-seeing adventures such as the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting or the Edgartown Lighthouse visit always make for great memories.Another great stop is the fishing village of Menemsha and the town of Chillmark. Be warned though - things may start looking familiar if you saw all of the “Jaws” movies! This island is full of gingerbread like homes and museums and really show a real earthy side of the area.


Nantucket is approximately 70 miles East of Martha’s Vineyard. Also known as  “The Little Gray Lady of the Sea” because the majority of the island’s homes and buildings are strict building codes to only have cedar shingles that are weathered to their natural gray by the salty air. The more you know.Most of the homes are carefully preserved or restored to look the way they did in the 19th century and keeping the cobble stone streets is part of this towns charm. Nantucket is known for its many high end retail locations and restaurants that will make any true shopper feel like they've arrived in heaven.If you get a chance to take an island tour with a local as it's the best way for you to see a side of the island that you could never find on your own. The 82 miles of beaches are part of the nearly 40 percent of Nantucket that is protected conservation land.


Boston, the Capital of Massachusetts, is one top favorites locations we hear about from any of our clients while on their New England yacht charter. As everyone knows, Boston Harbor is rich in history as it was the site of the Boston Tea Party and was the largest port for shipping on the East Coast, which is why Boston is so populated.And with a bustling city comes the fast paced city life. The downtown area of Boston, approximately 3 miles from Boston Harbor, is full of a great vibe and a wonderful nightlife and bar scene. So many museums, restaurants, shopping and site-seeing you'll never run out of things to do.


Looking for something out of a story book? Welcome to Maine. The picturesque fishing villages, lighthouses, and granite cliffs speak of a simpler time.But watch out for the lobster pods as you will come across thousands. Speaking of...Get ready for the freshest, biggest and most insane seafood feast of Maine Lobster, clams and fish you've ever seen. Walk it off after by taking in all the museums, shops, historical sites and galleries and really see what makes Maine so special.