Caribbean - Leeward Islands

The French Riviera of the Caribbean...

St. Maarten or Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an island split between the French, collectively called Saint-Martin also known as “The French Side” and the Dutch territory called Saint Marten known as “the Dutch side”.

Although this island is controlled by two different countries, there is no real border and leads to some interesting conversations with the locals!

St. Maarten is one of the busiest, cosmopolitan islands in the Caribbean. Hosting hundreds of restaurants, several casino’s, and 37 beaches hosting beach bars and restaurants.

As one of the main gateways into the Leeward Island chain charter guests enjoy the convenience of flying into St. Maarten, board their vessel at Simpson Bay Lagoon in one of it’s many marinas. From here you will depart for your Caribbean yacht charter to Anguilla, St. Barths, Saba and Tintamarre.


A few miles north of St. Maarten you'll find Anguilla.

Known as having 30 of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, it makes for perfect lazy days of sunbathing and swimming. However, if you are interested in some amazing snorkel or scuba diving destinations; Anguilla has several popular coral reefs to enjoy.

While we're having fun in the waves you can find many caves worth exploring, particularly the Big Springs at Island Harbour and Shoal Bay’s the Fountain. Other activities include hiking, horseback riding, golf, shopping, indulging in a spa treatment, or enjoying the island’s avid night life.

Saint Barthelemy or St. Barths

St. Barths, officially Saint Barthelemy, is approximately 15 nm southeast from St. Maarten’s Simpson Bay Lagoon and is known for its French personality with a European look.

This small (8 sq miles) Caribbean Island is truly a “see or be seen” destination as it is known as the favorite destination of the rich and famous.

Dock or anchor out at the famous Gustavia Marina filled some of the largest mega yachts in the world. Considering to dine off your yacht during your week-long charter? This would be the place to do it as there are fabulous upscale restaurants around every corner. The shopping is considered super high-end, and designer boutiques.

After the indulgence of some of the most luxurious experiences on the island relax at some of the most popular places to visit.

Nikki Beach for a swim, lunch at Eden Roc, or sunset cocktails at Hotel Carl Gustav overlooking the lights of the beautiful Gustavia Marina.

After dinner, visit any range of the several island lounge bars or trendy nightclubs to top it all off.


Saba, sometimes referred to as “The Unspoiled Queen,” is a small volcanic island (5 square miles) and is 28nm southwest of St. Maarten.

While not known for it’s white sand beaches, it's real gem is under the sea. Saba is the ultimate in diving.

There are 6 famous dive sites to choose from. The diving experience ranges from gorgeous shallow reef dives or deep underwater adventures. Past volcanic activity have added to the diving experience creating spectacular formations and structures.

On land, you can enjoy numerous hiking trails up Mount Scenery, and into the rain forest, or a scenic 800 steps down and back up Ladder Bay.