Society Islands- French Polynesia

The Jewel of the South Pacific

5 Epic Island Chains- The Society Islands

Situated within the beautiful Pacific Ocean, between South America and Australia you'll find French Polynesia; A world renowned Archipelago. Join us and explore one of the most breathtaking island chains on earth: The Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Tuamotu and most importantly... The Society Islands!You've heard of them, but let us tell you a bit about our favorites...Within the Society Islands lies the infamous Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Ra'iatea, Taha’a, Tetiaroa, and Moorea islands which are a part of the “Leeward & Windward Islands”. The breathtaking group of Islands are known for its amazing crystal clear blue waters and full of marine life that you will find passing by while floating in the shallow waters. The beaches are sugar white sand and beautiful green mountainous scenery are a sight to see and an adventure of a lifetime.

Tahiti and Moorea

Fly into Papeete, the Capital of Tahiti to join your vessel and be whisked away to Moorea to start your Polynesian vacation with the most beautiful scenic island of all. From above, Moorea is heart shaped, hence the island that attracts honeymooners. Yet, it is also filled with activities and adventures that families and friends all enjoy. She is best known for her overwhelming razor sharp, majestic volcanoe peaks that makes her a geographical marvel!

Off to the wayside... Huahine

Huahine is another stop and is widely known to be a “Garden Island”. Huanhine is actually 2 Islands; Huanhine-Nui and Huanhine-Iti; Big and Little Huahine. Full of tropical, lush, green foliage and jungle scenery, visitors love this island for its quiet and relaxing environment.

Ra'iatea and Taha'a

Ra’iatea and Taha’a have their own great features; Sailing, Deep Sea Fishing, great Snorkeling and Scuba Diving!Ra’iatea, the second largest island in French Polynesia, is known for its large protected lagoon all around her. 15 mintues away is her sister island called Taha’a; known as “The Vanilla Island”. This island smells of one giant Vanilla Orchid and produces 80{b968e58b929feb11e71a6481e1f07b1187f193c7b0ae59734ef8f7b0d8639b81} of the Tahitian Vanilla from here.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the most famous island of all French Polynesia and known for its picturesque “overwater bungalows”. A single barrier reef encircles the two islands that make up Bora Bora’s beautiful clear water full of amazing marine life. Superlative snorkeling, swimming, shopping, white sand beaches, restaurants, art galleries, and island tours are the many things you can do while on Bora Bora. She is one of the places on Earth that everyone would love to say the visited at least once in their lifetime!

A lot to offer!

There's something for everyone in the Society Islands and each possess their own special flare. One is more “Chic” than the others, while one you will do more naturistic explorations, and yet another is more artisan and historical. Together, create an amazing cruising ground for a “bucket-list” crewed Tahiti yacht charter. No matter what you'll come back with an incredible story and memories that will last forever.Best time to charter a yacht in the Society Islands are during the winter months being April thru November.