It really is better in the Bahamas! 

Nassau, Paradise Island

If you are looking for a vacation that is truly about being on, in, around and under the water, this is the place to be! The Bahamas is known to have 340 days of sunshine out of 365 days a year! It is super easy to fly into Nassau, the hub of the Bahamas, where most of the yacht charters start and end. With a short flight (50 minutes) from South Florida to Nassau, you are ready to meet your yacht.

The best part about exploring the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, you can only see it by boat. Not to mention, the water is super calm from being protected by the islands, and mostly shallow which makes for cruising only in daylight, and not at night.


The Exuma chain, with its 365 cays and islands, offers the best of the best in Bahamas beaches and water recreation. The Exumas are one of the most popular yacht charter destinations out of all the Bahamas. The chain contains beaches that stretch 100 yards or five miles. They boast the finest white sand on the planet and brightest blue water.

Must see places while cruising in the Exumas are; Staniel Cay, Big Major, Highborne, Allan’s Cay, Waderick Wells, Norman’s Cay, Shroud Cay, Compass Cay are a few of the highlighted islands to take in.

Eleuthera and Harbour Island

Eleuthera is a 100 mile-long, slender island located just 30 miles Northeast of Nassau and is considered a bit slower and relaxed compared to the Exumas. Due to it’s short distance from Nassau, some guests like to incorporate Eleuthera along with their Exumas water adventure. In order for this to happen, you may want to stay for more than a week to really appreciate both. It is truly a great itinerary!

Eluethera and Harbour Island are known for its glistening pink and white sand beaches, (the pink sand beaches are created from the particles of coral from conch shells- stunning!), historical colonial villages and acres of pineapple plantations, as this is the Pineapple Capital of the World!

It has been ranked high on the “25 Sexiest beaches in the World” list from Forbes Traveler and “The Best Secret Island on Earth” by Travel and Leisure.

Harbour Island

Must see places to visit while on Eluethera is Harbour Island, which is said to be becoming the new St.Barts, with its towns of Spanish Wells and Dunmore located at the north end of Eleuthera that are a “must-see”.

Enjoy your cruise carefully through The Devil’s Backbone and take a swim/snorkel through the Current Cut.