Bucket List Vacation!

Embark in Juneau

To see the untamed beauty of Alaska from a cruise ship is something else. However from a private yacht you'll be able to visit places that cruise ships just can't reach. And since the only way to get around is by boat or plane sailing in style is the ultimate way to experience the country.Embark in Juneau, the Capital of Alaska. This charming historical town is full of art galleries, native arts shopping, and some of the most unique museums in the world.As for activities you're spoiled for choice. Start off with dog sledding on the Mendenhall Ice Field. What about glacier hiking? Not your style how about we kick it up a notch? Other activities on offer such as zip lining, kayaking, hiking, biking, you name it - Alaska's the ultimate getaway for the adventure seeker.

Tracy Arm Fjord

The Tracy Arm Fjord is another memory maker during your charter. You'll see the process of the tremendous changes by which ice can transform the landscape. Just don't get too close...The winding 22-mile fjord is absolutely gorgeous to navigate through, and at the end come upon the twin Sawyer Glaciers. You will explore this area by tender, looking for mountain goats and harbor seals. The shoreline of Tracy Arm is one of the best places in Alaska to view black bears and mountain goats on the steep rocky cliffs.

Fredrick Sound

Visit the heart of the “Whale Country” in Fredrick Sound. This is the world-famous and possibly THE best place in the world to watch whales and possibly to see bubble-net feeding. Humpbacks, Orcas, and Dall porpoise are all active residents of this special spot. A must see by tender for spectacular photo opportunities.In the midst of Fredrick Sound lie the Brothers Islands -- picture-perfect uninhabited islands full of wildlife, and home to a massive colony of Sea Lions!


Sitka, population around 9,000 is the capital of Russian America and the site of the handover of Alaska from the Russian’s to the United States in 1867, which explains it’s remnants of its Russian heritage.Your yacht will cross Sitka Sound to the St. Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge. Continue cruising through Peril Strait, a beautiful passage separating two of Alaska’s most scenic Islands -- Baranof and Chichago.This is bear country, so keep a watchful eye for these gigantic creatures as they roam the beaches and bays. Your anchorage will be a remote cove, filled with opportunities for kayaking and exploring and taking in all the beauty!