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Laura Berton joined the yachting industry 20 years ago as crew and for the next nine years working as stewardess and chief stewardess for much of that time. Laura worked on boats ranging from 115’ – 190’ and worked for both privately owned and chartered yachts. Being a crew was extremely fulfilling and is where Laura developed her passion for the yachting industry.

In 2009 Laura was married and became land-based. Not wanting to leave the yachting industry she started working as a support agent in a large and very prestigious charter broker company. Discovering everything involved to help clients find the right boat, pairing their interests with the boat crew, and following along to ensure success was a perfect match!

In 2017 Laura decided to take her special brand and open her own company and formed Top Yacht Charters. Using her passion for service and dedication to providing her clients with an unforgettable experience is more than a job – it has resulted in creating many long-lasting relationships with many of her clients.

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