A Magical Yachting Experience in the Bahamas


Consisting of seven hundred islands in an expanse of 100,000 square miles, Chartering a yacht or a  catamaran to the Bahamas is one of the greatest decision you’ll make as it is among the most beautiful places on Earth. Glorious white and rose-gold sand beaches surrounded by a glittering teal sea. The soft breeze in your hair, the sunlight on your face, and the peace of the ocean; what more could you ask for? With an abundance of ways to amuse yourself such as underwater diving, movie night, fishing and the amazing cuisine, you never run out of things to do. However, if you’re still not convinced, here is why you should consider Top Yacht Charters to assist you with your first yacht rental in The Bahamas.

Filled with caves, islands, and towns straight out of a fairytale, The Bahamas are truly heaven on earth. Nassau which is the most famous port is where chartered yachts start or end their journey. This port is filled with attractions for tourists for shopping, eating and so much more like bars, street side restaurants, casinos, museums, etc. Availability of private yachts in Nassau, Bahamas is in abundance. So, you can easily find one that fits your criteria and set sail.

Besides the well-known port, let’s talk about some of the other famous locations you definitely can’t miss out on:


One of the main reasons for a yacht rental in the Bahamas is the numerous islands you can visit are only reachable by boat. A chartered yacht will allow you the freedom and relaxation to be adventurous and explore every day.  If you want quality time with your friends and family while on a private yacht, the Exumas are perfect for this. The 365 cays (most uninhabited) are a world of their own and live by their own rules. The most enjoyment in the Exumas is under water, more than above water as the crystal clear waters allows you to see so much more than you can imagine.  You can rejuvenate your mind and spirit by treating yourself to the lush experience of the magical beaches and breathtaking views.


You might know this from the famous James Bond movie, named “Thunderball” (no surprises there), but it has much more to offer than just being a landmark from a famous Bond Movie. This is a unique area to swim in and be adventurous. Swimming underneath the rocks and into the center of this formation is a site to behold.


Everyone that makes it to Staniel Cay must take the tender and a bag of vegetables to hang out with the famous “Pigs”. They are very familiar to visitors spoiling them with food and they greet you with enthusiasm as they know you will feed them. Please, more important than food is fresh water. If you have some to share, please bring this along with their treats. They will definitely appreciate it.

The Exumas are full of calm atmosphere and stunning views.  This simply is a “must see and do”.

We expect you to reach out to your preferred broker at Top Yacht Charter to assist you in planning your amazing yacht vacation in the Bahamas.  Hope you have an outstanding trip!

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