4 Important Luxuries Available on a Chartered Yacht


What are the “cool” things I want my chartered yacht to have, other than a pretty interior? One charters a yacht to experience luxury at its peak. And out of all the luxuries that chartered yachts offer, if your vessel includes these perks then you really know how to pick your yacht.

Beach Clubs

The Beach Club was originally a simple platform located at the sea level and intended to launch nautical appendices/toys, as well as swimming with its retractable ladder. But it is no longer a base for splashing! These spaces now offer a whole range of experiences. Some owners have made outdoor gyms while others have preferred to install a full spa with pool, steam room, shower, yoga area, and health care facility. They are mostly arranged in the style of an outdoor lounge with bar. These “Beach Clubs” are ideal for relaxing during the day and enjoying a refreshing cocktail while basking in the sun in the shade on a comfortable sofa. Some even transition into a nightclub in the evening.  What a way to make use of another deck space.

The Cinemas

When we talk about a luxury yacht vacation, everything seems to move away from this hobby that we already have access to in everyday life: watching a movie! However, after spending a day discovering the land or the seabed, a relaxing evening may well be needed. The desire to watch one of your favorite movies, or to finally see, the one you’ve heard so much about, could be nice. And if the whole family is with you, children will enjoy the big screen while you enjoy your drink before the sunset. There is a varied choice of movie theaters aboard charter yachts. There are cinemas equipped with a popcorn machine and comfortable seating, as well as state-of-the-art outdoor cinemas, for an evening under the benevolence of the stars. The choice is yours. You just have to find this luxury yacht which will be equipped with the best facilities and the video library that will correspond to your desires, those of your guests, and your family.

The Jacuzzi

Nothing is more relaxing than letting yourself go in a hot bubble bath. This is why many yachts are equipped with Jacuzzis.  Located on outside deck spaces, they also offer spectacular panoramic views. Encircled by sunbathing and sunbeds, the well-stocked bar is never far away. This is the perfect place on the boat to relax, bask in the sun or let yourself be intoxicated by the splendor of the starry sky. It is easy to let yourself be invaded by the delights of luxury without seeing the time pass. Some boats also have Jacuzzi areas dedicated to the full spa experience with a massage table and sauna nearby.

Nautical Toys

One of the best facets of luxury private charter yachts is the pleasures in the water! Guests of all ages can enjoy at full speed, dive into the depths or wade through the shallow waters. The list of gadgets of all kinds found onboard luxury charter yachts is constantly growing. From the simple paddleboard and jet-ski to the exceptional underwater scooter and Aquaskipper that transforms the energy generated by the movement from the bottom to the top of the body into a flight above the surface of the water.

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